Stationary mining equipment magnetic filter system

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May 8, 2021 05:35 ET | Source: Vento Global Vento Global

Karlovac, Croatia, May 8, 2021 (Global News Agency)-

Vento Global, a distributor of engineering solutions for heavy industry, announced the launch of a magnetic filtration system for stationary equipment that meets the sustainability goals of the energy sector.

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The announcement comes as the oil and gas industry is facing increasing pressure to meet the requirements of global sustainable development.

According to a survey conducted by Reuters, about three-quarters of extractive industry sustainability professionals strongly support the industry’s sustainability goals.

Vento Global has partnered with One Eye Industries (OEI) and Black Powder Solutions (BPS) to provide magnetic filtration technology to extend the life of turbines, rotating equipment, gearboxes, hydraulic systems, pumps, valves, pipes, and other infrastructure and assets .

Vento Global is headquartered in Croatia and serves Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

The partnership’s filtration technology captures ferrous and non-ferrous metal particles, which are the main culprits of equipment failures, maintenance costs and energy consumption.

The particles in the system cannot be removed by traditional methods and will continue to accumulate over time. This can have a negative impact on the equipment, leading to premature wear and failure. Companies can now use new solutions to improve their system operations and reduce this particle damage.

The magnetic filtration system is designed to attract ferrous and non-ferrous metal wear particles with an efficiency as high as 95%. Due to its radial magnetic field design, the filter can provide strong retention strength and high dirt holding capacity.

Sustainability is further supported because Vento Global products require the least consumable components compared to traditional filters that require frequent replacement and disposal.

Compared with traditional media filtration, magnetic filters are reusable, do not consume energy to operate, and lead to lower carbon emissions. The environmental impact decreases with the operating and maintenance costs of OEM equipment.

Vento Global's magnetic filtration solutions also contribute to sustainable development and extend the life of equipment. The company and some of its equipment have been in use for nearly 20 years.

Vento Global is a Croatia-based company founded by Miroslav Gojak. The company is an authorized distributor of One Eye Industries and Black Power Solutions products in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

Miroslav Gojak has an engineering background and his team is dedicated to helping machine operators find the best solutions to their daily mining challenges.

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In addition to oil, gas, mining and energy, Vento Global solutions are also used in commercial and residential construction, manufacturing, transportation, food, pharmaceutical, defense, petrochemical and marine sectors.

The leasing option can be used as an alternative to capital investment.

"I'm here to help you find a game-changing solution to extend the life of the equipment within the limits of the design," Gojak said. "My mission is to help the industry maintain its true value in times of crisis or prosperity."

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